3D Holographic Rear Projection Screens
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Film Holographic Projection Screen

3D Holographic Projection Screens

Clear Holographic Projection Film
Intrigue Rear Projection Film

The Intrigue series is a line of clear holographic rear projection films and rigid screens. The film version of the Intrigue holographic rear projection screen is transparent, yet holds a remarkable image and can be applied to any clear surface and transform it into a Holographic or even a 3D Floating Image display. The advantage to you? A huge range of projection possibilities in extremely diverse projection environments.

The Rigid or 1/8" thick Acrylic version of the Intrigue 3D capable holographic rear projection screen is being used all over the world to promote the reality of cutting edge (out of the box ) marketing as a much needed aspect in today's Retail Space, Trade Show, POP, Boutique and Event atmospheres. With technology advancing at the spped of light it seems you had better prepare your marketing to compete with

Holographic, Transparent and 3D Displays Rear Projection Screen

Holographic displays will create an image of progressiveness and cutting edge technology for customers to see.

The Intrigue 3D holographic rear projection screen film has built in adhesives for easy installation to any clear glass or acrylic surface, creating instant holographic or 3D floating image projection.

The Intrigue projection film is being used in tradeshows for futuristic displays, drawing attention that may otherwise pass by. What's more, these projection films go hand-in-hand with today’s latest touch screen technology.

All Screen Solutions rear projection films adhere to any glass or acrylic, just like a window tint (Projection Film Application Guide). Films can be purchased in seamless sizes up 120-inch widescreen!

Quick Facts: 

Screen Color- clear/transparent
Largest size- 4:3 100” 60”x80”- 16:9 120” 104.6”x58.8”
Roll size- 60”x33’
Install type- built in adhesive

Intrigue Holographic Rear Projection Film

Intrigue Holographic Rear Projection Rigid Screen

Holographic Rear Projection Screen Tech Specs: 

Screen Color Clear
Transmission of light 89%
Max Viewing Angle* 175°
* Dependent on projector placement

Maximum Size (Seamless) 120” (16:9) 104.6” x 58.8”
100” (4:3) 80 x 60”
Projection Film – Full Roll 60 in. x 33 ft.

Projection Screen Size Chart

With our adhesive rear projection film, installation is a simple process requiring only a spray bottle and hard squeegee. No specific projection angles are required, which makes installation quick and easy. (Projection Film Application Guide)

General Applications: 

Retail / POS Displays
Pro Displays
Lobby Displays
Digital Storefront

Quick Facts: 

Screen Color- clear/transparent
Largest size- 4:3 100” 60”x80”- 16:9 120” 104.6”x58.8”                                                                               
Roll size- 60”x33’
Install type- built in adhesive

Tech Specs: 

Screen Color Clear
Transmission of light 89%
Max Viewing Angle* 175°
* Dependent on projector placement

Maximum Size (Seamless) 120” (16:9) 104.6” x 58.8”
100” (4:3) 80 x 60”
Holographic Rear Projection Film – Full Roll 60 in. x 33 ft.

Intrigue™ Film
Rear Projection Film Screen
Standard Holographic Rear Projection Film Screen Sizes
General Applications
• Retail windows
• Lobbies
• Corporate briefing centers
• Museums
• Tradeshow displays
16:9 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
4:3 Dimensions
W x H (in.)
Screen Size
30.5 x 17.2
43.6 x 24.5
58.4 x 32.8
73.2 x 41.2
87.2 x 49.0
104.6 x 58.8
60 x 106.7
21 x 28
40 x 30
53.6 x 40.2
67.2 x 50.4
80 x 60

Clear holographic rear projection screen film
• Kiosks
• Bars
• Night clubs
• POS displays
• Digital signage
All SSI Holographic Rear Projection Film film screens adhere to any glass or acrylic,
just like a window tint.
• Installation is a simple process requiring only a
spray bottle and hard squeegee.
• Use of distilled water is recommended.
*Custom roll lengths are available. Call 1-888-792-6104 for details.
Maximum Size (Seamless) 122” (16:9) 60”x 106.7
100” (4:3) 80 x 60”
Holographic Rear Projection Film – Full Roll 60 in. x 33 ft.*
SSI Business Office:
915 Highland Pointe Dr. Suite 250
Roseville, CA, 95678

Holographic projectors and holographic rear projection screen technologies have advanced the display industries possibilities and are opening up new opportunities for integrators, business's and content developers to create and deploy unique and engaging displays that integrate hologram projectors.

Holographic Rear Projection Screen on GlassThe Intrigue rear projection screen by Screen Solutions is completely clear yet holds crystal clear images and will give you that holographic rear projection screen or floating image appearance. This screen is also a great display surface for 3D content and has been used in museums, trade shows, event and exhibit displays; this transparent projection screen has embedded technology that allows it to accept and retain image quality and clarity.

Transparent and Holographic rear projection screens are being used all over the world to intrigue and engage perspective buyers into stopping and looking at the 3D holograms in the storefront display or holographic projectors inside the store in retail situations. Many high end retailers are using this product as the centerpiece of their window displays to create an enticement or what we refer to as "Stopping Power"; in working with so many different clients all over the world we have found that in the fast paced world we all live in "if you can't stop them, you can't talk to them".

Understand that your clientele is completely addicted to their phone and portable electronics; you must jolt them out of the enchanted state of social media immersion and provide something that is equal or greater to the latest tweet or post on their wall. Boost your conversions by adding 3d holographic rear projectors value to your target audience; show them that you are very well aware of the sophistication in hologram projection technology and the need for progression in the marketplace.

The typical response or reaction that most clients who install a holographic rear projection screen display in their retail storefront display or tradeshow is "wow I had no idea this was really possible, I thought this was just the typical Hollywood mirage." Instantly solve one of people's doubts or disbelief's in life and gain a verifiable credibility with them as the expert even though you may know little more than they do about the technology and how it works; the fact remains that you were willing to invest in your clients and people can always see that.

Image quality of the 3D hologram projectors and holographic rear projection screens are so clean and crisp on this transparent screen that people stand in disbelief or amazement and cannot believe how this is possible; this is the next generation of marketing tactics that have been used for many years to keep pace with our ever progressing times.

Due to the nature of a 3D hologram projector screen it is recommended to install the projector at an angle so as not to blind the viewing audience; there is not a specific projection angle required for the holographic projectors screen giving you the freedom and flexibility to adjust your projector as desired in the field.

Holographic rear projectiors screen technologies are extremely powerful marketing mechanisms; for more information on hybrid projection screen technologies or projection design consultation visit www.ssidisplays.com or call 888-631-5880

Holographic Rear Projection Screen - Invisible Video Screen

Clear, Projection and Screen; 3 words that you may never have thought you would see in the same sentence. However clear projection screens, holographic rear projection rigid screens, holoscreens and transparent rear projection film are now super popular and gaining momentum in many different vertical markets; most people when this display concept is mentioned think of the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise and wonder if that was really real or just a Hollywood Masterpiece. We have good news for you – not only is it possible but it is more affordable than ever.

Most people when they see this clear holographic rear projection screen or holo screen in action ask the same question, how in the world does it do that? Well in short this rigid holographic projection screen is what we call intelligent plastic because there are all kinds of tiny micro lenses embedded in the screen during the casting process that allow it to accept and retain the image being projected onto it.

Now because this holographic rear projection screen itself is almost completely clear in color there is a significant amount of light transmission that is passed through the screen so you will want to place the projector at an angle down towards the screen so that you do not blind the viewers as the light is coming thru the rear projection screen. It is also recommended that you factor in approximately one third the light output or lumens when using a holographic or clear rear projection rigid or clear film screens due to the high light transmission.

There are so many uses for holographic rear projection screens that we recommend you talk to a projection specialist and see if what you are wondering is even possible hasn’t already been done before. Trade shows, corporate events, lobbies, malls and set designers are installing this type of rear projection technology to add that cutting edge floating image look into many spaces being currently designed to reach this generation that is looking for more than just cool. Holographic rear projection screen displays or no longer a thing to look forward to, jump into the future with a holographic rear projection screen and be a part of this stunning and captivating display opportunity that will impress and inspire customers, clients and business relationships with your forward thinking and ability to step outside of the box with holoscreen technology.

If you really want to jump into the action with your clients and perspective clients incorporate touch screen technology into your holographic display with Thru Glass Touch Screen or Infrared IR Bezel Technology. both of these technologies are versitle and have extraordinary capability of communicating your message effectively to your instore or outside foot traffic.

If you have any questions or specific requirements we recommend you speak to a SSI rear projection specialist and determine the appropriate solution for your project, as always we strive for your satisfaction look forward to the opportunity to share our passion with you.

Thru-Glass Touch Screens Film Technology

Screen Solutions offering the best in thru-glass touch screen film technology

For IR Infrared Bezels Click HERE

Imagine a flexible touch screen film that can be made to any size between 30’’ and 116’’ and attached to any non-metallic surface such as glass or acrylic. Screen Solutions offers the Interactive Thru Glass Touch Screen Film Technology to dealers and integrators at wholesale pricing as well as information and technical support 

touch screen - thu-glass touch foilInteractive Thru Glass Touch Screen Film Technology's are simple to integrate with a wide range of display technologies such as LCD, Rear Projection, Tabletop, thru window, and kiosks, And with the level of the product’s flexibility, the range of touch interactive applications is only limited by your imagination. 
touch screen - touch foilsWe supply thru glass touch screen films to dealers, system integrators and digital signage partners to ensure that the Interactive Foils contributes to providing interactive display solutions in worldwide areas of Retail, Business, Entertainment, Exhibition and many other Digital Out of Home environments, whether it’s advertising new products, displaying interactive wayfinders in shopping centres, or digitally offering a welcome to clients.

Interactive Made Easy!
Touch Screen Films for thru-window and thru glass touch applications

touch screen - glass touch screenThe world market for touch screen film technology is growing by leaps and bounds daily and is evident anytime you turn on your TV or go to a high end trade show, Drawing attention to your business or display is now easier than ever with rear projection films and thru glass touch screen films. Turn your standard windows or displays into information gathering and educational displays that will empower consumers and turn them from prospects to clients, These Interactive touch screen films have no external components so the installation is completely safe and vandal proof.

The lightweight Interactive thru glass touch screen film technology can be applied directly to any existing window or a glass sheet with a rear projection screen or LCD TV positioned from behind.  This creates an interactive touch screen surface through any glass or acrylic. These Interactive touch screen films can be mounted to the glass using either a permanent or a removable method.

Product features 

  • Lightweight thru glass touch screen film technology is fairly simple to apply to a window, glass, acrylic and rear projection film screens and any other non-metallic material. (of course if you need assistance we are always here for you)
  • No requirement to have any external wires or devices as all of the touch screen film components are situated safely behind the glass
  • Interactivity works even with gloved hand
  • Not affected by external light conditions
  • Wide range of thru glass touch screen film sizes available up to 93" 4:3 or 116" 16:9 format
  • Works with all existing multimedia applications PowerPoint, Macromedia flash, Web sites etc.
  • Simple set-up
  • Still works with substances such as water drops and other liquids on the touch surface
  • Operates on curved surfaces (if surface is curved, interactivity will only work in one direction
  • No aperture required for touch film positioning

Interactive Touch Screens - IR BEZEL Features and Benefits

Interactive Touch Screen’s are not the future anymore they are the NOW!  Consumers are demanding an interactive experience that they can be a part of.  These Touch Screens can turn any display into a touch screen within a few minutes.  We provide two options when looking for interactive displays. Interactive Infrared IR Touch Screen Bezel Overlay

Portable interactive rear projection countertop display kitBe sure before ordering that you determine the right option for your application and needs –

Interactive IR Bezel - Watch the IR BEZEL VIDEO

Information on Interactive Thru-Glass Touch Film

Interactive Touch Bezels can transform your projection screen, adhesive rear projection films, plasma, LCD or LED flat screen display into an interactive surface by simply sticking the IR bezel to the bezel of your display. This technology has IR or infrared technology that can sense the touch of your finger with extreme accuracy and response rate.

You have a choice of how many places you can touch on your display at one time when buying an IR Touch Bezel.

The basic model will allow you two touch points and is commonly known as dual touch operation.   You can use two fingers to control and interact with the different functions of your software and programming features. With this bezel you can control many of the functions that you have seen on TV, like throwing items around on the screen, resizing pictures and documents with their fingers and practically anything one person wants to do on a small or even large screen display.

The bigger the display that you have the more touch points you may want to offer your viewers.  If you have a 50” or larger digital display you may want to consider a multi-touch bezel. The next step up in our line of IR bezels, this will give you true multi-touch control and operation of your display. You can touch and interact with the screen in up to six different places at one time.  With this level of control more than one person can join in and be a part of the action.

As the demand for larger displays continues to grow and viewers want to see it bigger brighter and bolder you will need to provide more touch points.  (That is relative to the size of the screen.)  The highest level of interaction and the most amounts of touch points we offer is 32-points of touch; 32 individual fingers or people can interact with the touch screen display at one single time. With this bezel added onto your large format display you can provide an interactive surface for a group of people to enjoy and interact with at one time. This particular bezel is great for intense interactive software programs and functionality.  If you want more options your use of your touch screen display this is for you.

For More information on IR BEZEL OVERLAYS 

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